Don’t Fall For SPAM

10 Dec

A friend of mine recently suffered through the SPAM attack, so read below and don’t let this happen to you! Reporter Chris Walter from the Consumerist exposed the scam last April and unfortunately it’s still thriving.

What is the big deal with
In a nutshell: Signing up for their service initiates access to your private email address book which in turn creates an endless circle of spamming.

According to Walter, “ dupes new members into signing up by sending them an email that pretends to be from an acquaintance who’s been looking for them (on, naturally). After signing up, the site sucks in your contacts and immediately begins spamming them to join by sending out a similar email. If one of those people then signs up at, their contact list is scooped up and the cycle starts all over again, like a social engineering version of a virus or parasitic infestation. Maybe this is why can claim to register about 1 million new members every month.”

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