Doodle Schedules Meetings By Polling Your Group

22 Jun

Don’t know what date and time works best for your group meet? After your find a day, not sure what time works best for everyone? Instead of a dozen emails and phone calls trying to coordinate a time, use Doodle to poll your group to see what date works best.

If you are like me, trying to get your office team or even a group of friends together in the same place and time is like trying to sell ice to an Eskimo, it isn’t easy. Now with the free web-based application Doodle (I know the name doesn’t seem to fit with the product) you can save time and plan effective meetings.

First with Doodle, you can send out a poll to group and gauge what times work best. Just choose the dates you want the group to choose from, send them the link to the poll and make a decision from your results. Second, if you have a date in mind, you can schedule the date and then send a poll out to the best times to meet on that date.

Do you think you’ll use this product?

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