Dr. Pic to the Rescue

Do you need to re-size a photo? Do you need to crop someone out of a photo? How many times have you received a huge image in your email inbox that simply overwhelms your screen? Use Dr. Pic and save your friends the pain of getting a digital image that is just overwhelming.

Dr. Pic is a free photo manipulation application that you can use from the convenience of your web browser. Traditionally you would need to purchase Adobe’s Photoshop program to re-size or crop a picture. A few years ago, GIMP came out as a free open source software alternative to get the image manipulation job done. However now with Dr. Pic, you can let your web browser do all the work.

How do I use the program?
First, you need to either load a picture from the Internet or from your local hard drive. After you load it into Dr. Pic, you can apply a host of features to your photo. After you’ve done your work, you can save to the web or to your local machine.

What do you use to re-size photos?

Use Dr. Pic to Save Your Photo Project

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