Earn Money as a Gamer? Yes, You Can!

Most hard-core gamers have been told at one point or another, “Too bad you can’t make a living playing video games.” Actually, you can! There are a wide variety of professions linked to the love of gaming, from game design to writing about industry trends. If you’re interested in learning more about the tech world in general, Leading Hands Through Technology is a great place to find news and information about the industry. 

Online Tutorials

Beginning and intermediate gamers are always looking for tips and tricks to success. Consider earning an income by launching a YouTube channel in which you live-stream your gameplay or create and post video tutorials for other gamers. This could include demonstrating techniques for navigating particularly challenging games or levels, providing instruction on how to set up equipment, or reviewing games. You’re likely to attract audiences that are watching for entertainment, as well as those looking to learn new skills.


There’s big money to be made in eSports — competitions in which top gamers compete for prize money and sponsorship opportunities! According to Tech Radar, eSports has grown into a billion-dollar industry, with competitions taking place across the globe. This line of work is for the elite gamer who knows the ins and outs of popular and challenging games. In fact, prolific gamers are often recruited by talent scouts, just like in other sports. High-quality gaming equipment is essential to success in this line of work, as is a dedication to the craft. 


You don’t necessarily need to work for a gaming company or be an e-Sports pro to earn an income from gaming. Freelance opportunities abound for people who are knowledgeable and skilled in the field. If you’re an expert in game development services, gaming promotion, or trouble-shooting mechanical issues and bugs, create a profile on an online job board. Employers often go here to look for people in specialized fields. Keep in mind that prospects will read your reviews and ask about your turnaround time and fees, so write your profile with these things in mind. 


If you have a far-ranging and in-depth knowledge of all things gaming, consider writing about the topic. You might contribute to online publications and digests via feature articles or blog content — or even by writing a book! You can find leads to publishers looking for this kind of work through places like Writer’s Market, which details publishers per industry and provides information about the submission process and payments. You could focus on subjects like industry trends, game reviews, or new gaming technology. A background in journalism can be helpful if you pursue this route.

Behind the Scenes

If your love of gaming is more tech-oriented than play-oriented, you might find your niche behind the scenes in the hardware and software design fields. This could include everything from helping craft the look and feel of gaming equipment, from controllers and headsets to packaging and design. You might benefit from a technology or computer engineering education for this line of work. Developing marketing campaigns for new gaming products is another avenue to consider, especially when it comes to targeting demographics for different types of games. A background or education in marketing or advertising can help here, too.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a gaming entrepreneur, there are numerous pathways to success. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that jobs related to gaming will grow by as much as 10 percent through 2029. Consider your strengths and your interests, and choose a path that’s right for you!

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