Edit Pictures Online with Snipshot

As the Internet continues to expand into its next incarnation, more and more browser based programs are sprouting up left and right. Leading Hands mentioned Dr. Pic a few week ago, which is a free online photo manipulation program, now there is yet another website called Snipshot that offers the same service.

Don’t send the 300 DPI (dots per inch) digital image straight from you digital camera to your friend anymore, use a program like Snipshot to scale the size of the image down to something more digestible. You know the image I am talking about, if you open in your email, all you can see is the eyeball of your friend. If you are going to send an image, then take the courtesy to shrink it down. The program can pull an image in from your desktop or the web, then scale, resize and crop it.

I like this software, but I think Dr. Pic is better because many of the features that are free in Dr. Pic. you need to upgrade to Snipshot’s Pro version.

You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert any longer to resize images.

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