End of Traditional Newspapers?

28 Aug

The other day I went out to dinner and the way out of the restaurant I noticed an empty Plain Dealer newspaper dispenser. As I walked about Cleveland, I noticed that every PD newspaper pay-as-you-go curbside unit said “Not In Service”. Being curious I called the Plain Dealer subscription department and the representative stated that their focus is home delivery these days and every other delivery method wasn’t cost effective.

As a matter of fact, the size of weekend edition of the Plain Dealer recently shrank, however the cost of delivery increased. To further increase the drama, the Cleveland Free Times recently was purchased by The Scene, a nationally syndicated magazine, which further dwindles your news choices.

Could traditional newspaper delivery be reaching the end? You can now get all your news on the iPhone by downloading a free news application. Do you still buy the daily newspaper? Will you continue to purchase the local news if the cost continues to increase?

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