Family photo via Skype?

1 Sep

How do you stay together? Are you a Skype user? I read in Parade Magazine that Skype, the free video message service, started a campaign called Skype Stay Together that asks you how you use their product to do just that. One interesting story focused on how the popular video service was used to create family portraits with members that were scattered across another continent.

Denis is from Uganda and connects with his family via Skype everyday. One day Denis attempted to arrange a physical family portrait but logistically could not schedule it. How do you snap that family portrait with everyone miles away? Why not use Skype?

How to take a family portrait with Skype:
1. Connect parties with Skype
2. Set up camera with timer on tripod
3. Setup projector against white surface / wall
4. Get family to leave a spot open for you in photo and stand in that spot
5. Snap photo

Denis teamed up with artist John Klang to capture pictures of him standing with his family via Skype. You can read more stories about what people do to stay connected. I just thought this was the most innovative one.

Is it real or is it Skype? Read more stories here.

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