Fine Tune Your Ears To This!

22 Dec

At Leading hands, we’re big music fans and we’re constantly seeking the best sites serving free on demand music. I was recently reading an interview with Candis Hecking and she mentioned one of her favorite websites was Finetune. After checking it out, I discovered the site was similar to Pandora, but with a twist.

Finetune pluses:

  • Free music streaming website
  • Don’t need to register to listen
  • Creates playlist based on artists that sound similar t
  • Commercial Free
  • You can skip as many songs you don’t like
  • Give you link to music to purchase

Finetune negatives:

  • Can’t rate songs you like or dislike
  • Can’t build a mix of artists to shuffle through
  • Only search by artists, not song

What do you think?

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