Flight Arrival

There are many websites that offer you the ability to compare and purchase airline tickets such as Expedia and Orbitz. However once you get your flight plan, in order to verify if the schedule is running on time, you need to check multiple websites. I have traditionally just ended up calling the airline and confirming the schedule. However, what if you are busy traveler and just don’t have the time to drill down deep into a website to find the information. Now with Flight Arrival you can find the most up-to-date information on flight arrivals, departures, delays, and schedule changes. Now the website just launched a new featured called airport status that displays general delays and current weather at 71 major US airports!

If you want to check an arrival or departure, all you do is follow three easy steps. First choose an Airline, then type in the flight number and finally select the date of the flight. The only drawback of the website is you are immediately hit with a large pop-up ad on the homepage and then as you move through the website you are hit with these ads repeatedly.

Has anyone tried Flight Arrival or are there any others worth looking at?


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