Free PDF to Word Converter

8 May

I discovered a free online tool that scans a PDF and converts it to a Word (.docx) quite acurately. I have tried other tools of this nature in the past but this is solid because it can do many pages at once. However since it’s free the system will make you wait up to 30 minutes for the conversion unless you want to purchase the actual software. They ask for your email address when uploading your file so they can tell you when it’s ready.

InvestInTech PDF to OCR:
– Files of all sizes can be sent for conversion an unlimited number of times
– All pages in the document are converted
– Both scanned and standard PDF files are supported
– Even complex PDF files with forms, tables, images, non-standard layouts etc. are converted accurately
– It’s free but your email address is required and you will view some ads while you wait

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