FriendFeed: Organize Your Life Stream

20 Nov

Have your heard of “Life Streaming”? Perhaps you are doing it and you don’t even realize it.

Personal Use
“Life Streaming” is putting almost every detail of your life online 24/7. A friend of mine was telling me that he got a Twitter from a friend saying that he was just involved in a car accident. He called his friend, but his wife answered. To her avail, she had no idea that her husband had just told the world that they got into an accident. She was flabbergasted that the world knew they were in an accident, but the ambulance hadn’t even arrived yet.

Corporate Use
As companies begin to see that there is an audience for a constant flurry of information, they are beginning to send updates as frequently to their social networks as their constituents. Companies are looking to use social mechanisms to help organize information and bring attention to new things that are interesting. Companies have a life of their own too.

So how do I organize my “life stream”? Use FriendFeed!

Have a central place where all your life streaming can dwell.

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