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Hitwise recently launched a search marketers haven of data; their website says, “We are leading statistics for an online industry.” If you need statistics for your next presentation about online search, then look no further than Hitwise. What questions are you asking yourself?

Are curious what the top 20 most visited websites are last week or the top industry search terms? How about the Top 20 Websites & Search Engines by volume? Or maybe you want to know what the top 10 most visited search engines were last week? What are the most visited retail sites on the web for last week? What are people searching for and what terms are rising up?Get break downs the top visited banking, real estate, social networking and travel websites at Hitwise. Did you know that believe it or not, Facebook is #1 with MySpace at a close second?

One special highlight of the website is that Hitwise puts a spotlight on the top searched keywords from a featured industry. This week the key term is “Cruises” and you can see the breakdown of the top cruiselines searched along with the top 10 cruise websites.

Hitwise is owned by Experian, so hats off to you for sharing the info. http://www.hitwise.com/resources/data-center.php

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