Get Your Tweets On Live

13 Aug

While speaking at the Cool Twitter Conference in Cleveland last Friday, I noticed that Bob Fine, the coordinator of the event, was projecting tweets on the screen during the conference. The Paratweet logo intrigued me so I did some investigation. I discovered Paratweet is a Twitter tool for live appearances; the application takes real-time tweets, tags them and then puts them on a rotating page.

How does Paratweet do it? Essentially everyone at the event must use a custom hashtag after every response, so each tweet appears on the screen. Think of it as bending the corner of a card to identify it.

So if you are planning an event and you want interaction from not only inside the event, but also from the outside, think about giving Paratweet a try. To get your tweets live at your next event, you will need a frenzy of Twitter users, laptop, screen, projector and Paratweet.

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