Have You Tried Audible?

I have been a member of Audible for over eight years, which is a long time as these things go. I remember hearing Robin Williams talking about it on NPR one day in early 2001, and I investigated and signed up. I had a Handspring visor organizer in those days, and Audible sold a small plug in device that allowed you to listen to download audio books and listen to them. The first iPod hasn’t even been released at that point.

I do like it a lot, as I’ve never let my membership drop over those eight plus years. I used to have a “middle” level of membership, where I get a couple of books a month, but I let that drop to a basic level, with one book “credit” a month, and I usually let it build up over a couple of months. I have two credits right now, for example. Then, before a long trip, I pop in and see what’s new, and download a couple of books. You can also get plays and radio shows – the BBC has a lot of radio shows (comedy, drama, etc) and even the audio tracks from tv shows s4uch as BlackAdder and Doctor Who, so I enjoy those as well.

For less than $16 a month, it’s a good deal. Most audiobooks cost more than that, individually.

Have you tried Audible?

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