Heartbleed Status Check

12 Apr

Below is some information on the Heartbleed bug that is or was impacting certain (but not all) secure websites. The primary ones affected are those websites that used a free open-source encryption technology to cut the cost of encryption. It appears most financial and banking websites did not use this free encryption tool but I have not yet confirmed that. The second attached article discusses Heartbleed as it pertains to Fidelity.

Experts are cautioning NOT to change your password until the website in question is patched. The status of patching can be checked on this website:

Social Networks affected include Facebook and Tumblr. LinkedIn is safe and the status of Twitter is unknown.

Companies affected include Google and Yahoo. Microsoft and Amazon are safe, but Apple is unknown.

Email affected include Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Outlook/Hotmail and AOL are safe.

Stores and payment services affected include Amazon Web Services (for website operators) and GoDaddy. Amazon, PayPal and Target are safe. Ebay is unknown.

No banks and traders listed including Bank of America, Chase, E*Trade, Fidelity, PNC, Schwab, Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, TD Bank, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo were compromised.

Government and tax services affected include TurboTax. 1040.com and FileYourTaxes.com are safe. H&R Block, HealthCare.gov, and the IRS are unknown

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