Hello Txt

1 Aug

Are you looking for a handy way to update all your social network sites at once? George Nemeth pointed me towards a great tool called Hellotxt.

Hellotxt is a website that allows you to directly send a single 140 character text message to the most popular social networking websites at once. The site is compatible with MySpace, LinkedIn, Pulse, Twitter and many more! It is good for doing updates to many sites, but does have a few drawbacks.

One drawback is if you send a message and you make a mistake, you’ll have to login into each social networking site to edit/delete the message. Thus, you need to be careful when sending your message. The same issue occurs when you want to respond to an individual person on a particular network, you’ll need to login to each account separately.

Would you use Hellotxt? How many social networking sites are you on?

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