Hey That’s “My Space”

I guess I really must be out of the loop because the other night for the first time I just heard about My Space. For all your old school internet users, My Space is like Geocities on steroids. On My Space not only can you create a free site but you can IM (Instant Message) people in your network, send mail, start your own Blog, post up to 10 pictures and stream music. You can post so much information about yourself that it’s like setting up your own personal ad. You even get a short, easy to remember web address, e.g. http://www.myspace.com/leadinghands (URL).

Now the daily routine of an average teenager involves having a blur of instant message boxes open at one time, cell phones ringing, ipods thumping and their “My Space” site floating in the background. With My Space you always know when someone is online which makes chatting with friends simple. Your personal homepage could easily become your lifeline because updating it can be endlessly addictive.

My friend told me that he got his “free site” over two years ago and since then My Space has grown exponentially. The site actually first began marketing to musicians and believe it or not, the site is still heavily focused on music. However, there are more personal sites than band sites now-a-days.

According to Alexa, “My Space” ranks as one of the top 15 most visited websites today. Are you going to claim your own space?

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