Highlight A Web Page!

18 Nov

Everyone still thinks of the Internet like one big book. You have bookmarks, pages, indexes and diagrams. I love highlighters! I am not sure if it’s the intoxicating florescent scent of the marker or the sheer functionality of marking up the most important part of a book. Now you can highlight any important part of a web page with Awesome Highlighter! Now you can mark-up a page online the same way you do in real life!

Instructions on how to use Awesome Highlighter:

  • Find a web page to highlight
  • Choose a section on the page
  • Highlight it with you mouse
  • A unique page is stored on Awesome Highlighter for later retrieval


  • Doesn’t work on all pages
  • Wish I choose multiple colors to notate different significance


Thanks to Angela Maiers for this awesome find!

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