Hire An Online Expert

5 Jan

Who you gonna call? You may remember that old slogan from the 1980s hit comedy Ghostbusters, but the reality is today you can get help on anything from one tap on your phone. I discovered a site called Presto Experts which gives you live expert advice on any topic. If you are stuck in a bind and need an answer to something why call all over when you can get it in one place. The site has more than 30,000 registered experts in over 600 categories to find you the right expert to supply them with professional advice and assistance. You follow three steps.

First you find your topic. The categories of help are technology, counseling, education, health, design, business, social media, shopping, coaching, legal and home improvement. Then you narrow down to the experts you like by reviewing their ratings and then pick one to get it done. I discovered rates vary between individuals and so does the expertise. Thus, you need to do some quick research on the individual you choose.


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