How To Successfully Prepare Your Child For College Life

3 Feb

If your child is currently attending his last year of high school, then it’s likely that you’ve already done some research on colleges or universities that your child can attend in September. However, it takes more than picking the right college and getting good grades to prepare for college life. According to a survey, 60% of freshmen wished that they had help getting emotionally ready for college. With so much energy going into visiting campuses, SAT prep, and taking AP classes, students have less time to learn the skills that they need to cope with the demands of college life. Moreover, students need to master the right technology for college success. As classrooms all over the country are in a state of constant change, teens need to feel that they’re fully prepared to use technology tools as more professors are integrating it into the classroom. To help your child cope with the academic, financial, and emotional challenges of school life, here’s a guide to successfully prepare your teenager for college life.

Let your child get familiarized with common technology in classrooms

Most campus leaders and professors assume that just because students are well-versed in basic computer skills means that they can cope with the tech used in the classroom. Nowadays, some professors use software that enables students to complete homework online, and the same software allows educators to make assessments and give feedback. To help your teen prepare, do some research on the system or software that the college or university utilizes and allow your child to get familiar with it. This helps your child prevent missing homework and paper deadlines once he or she starts freshman year.

Let your teen work alone on a project or paper

Once your child goes to college, there will be no one there to help him or her do homework or do practice ACT English and Math tests with. To be successful in college, students need to be able to prioritize their studies despite the many distractions that college life has to offer. Before your teen starts college, make sure that your child can complete a paper or project on his or her own. It’s also a good idea to observe how your child prepares for a test so you can see if certain changes are needed with regards to your teen’s study habits.

Work with your child on important life skills

Can your teenager cook simple yet healthy meals and do laundry? Can your child keep his or her belongings in order and keep a room clean? Now would be a good time to practice these life skills with your child so that he or she can accomplish them in college. Doing so allows your child to be independent and get along with future roommates.

Teach money management skills

Children don’t learn how to manage money in school, so parents should take the initiative to teach their kids how to balance a checkbook, pay credit card bills, create and stick to a budget. Talk to your teen how credit cards work and how to avoid being in debt. You can also encourage your child to get a part-time job or do side hustles for extra income.  

Teach your child how to deal with stress in positive ways

Some college students cope with the pressure of college life by overeating, partying too much, binge-drinking, or taking drugs. To help your teen deal with the demands of college, teach him or her positive ways to manage stress such as exercising, going for a walk outdoors, listening to music, or getting in touch with you and other loved ones on Skype. Remind your child not to sweat the small stuff and to keep cool during stressful situations.

Preparing for college life can be a challenge for students and their parents, but by focusing on preparing academically, financially, and emotionally, your child can be better equipped to deal with this new phase of life. Follow these tips to help your teen prepare for college life and set him or her up for success.

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