iGuiders – More Narrowed Search Tool

6 Feb

On the web, most people these days start at a search engine to begin their quest for information. The standard model for search is Google; you type a term into a search box and then you must sort page by page for your results. Now iGuiders, a local Cleveland area start-up, has a streamlined way of performing an Internet search. I like to think of iGuiders as more of a hand-holding approach to search or tree building way to get to results.

How iGuiders Works

  1. You select from a preselected group of categories.
    • Statutory, Legal, Regulatory, Compliance, and Standards
    • Internal Business Requirements
    • Protect Information
    • Threats and Breaches
    • Customers/Partner
  2. Then you select a subgroup out the first category you’ve selected
  3. Then choose your question you’re interested in
  4. Then it will use a popular search engine to find your answer

IGuiders says, “The problem with searching on the internet is that you get too many results. You need the right words to get you precise results. This sites enables you to research topics without having to figure out what words to use in a search engine. It takes you deep into a topic to help focus your search.”

Right now the “beta” site has limited categories, but try it out for yourself and tell us what you think?

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