iPad Cases for Kids

2 Aug

Did you recently buy an iPad for your kid? If so, you need a good case to protect it! Griffin recently launched a series of iPad cases just for kids. One special case is called the “Lightboard” and it allows your kid to draw and color directly on your iPad. You just slide in a piece of paper to start your kids drawing.

The site says, “It is a protective case and art table in one. Your iPad is surrounded in a shatter-resistant polycarbonate shell with openings for the speakers and headphone jack. A built-in polycarbonate screen shield protects your Multi-Touch display against scratches and impacts from even the most ardent artists.”

You can also download their LightBoard Trace app currently for free at the App Store. With the app you have more than 35 different things to draw and has a game that teaches kids how to write their name. When you use the LightBoard case, you can feel safe about letting your child play with your iPad. Thanks to Mike Kimmel for the tip on this one!


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