Is It Cuil Enough?

Over the last few days, the buzz has been about a new search engine called Cuil. The general feedback on this new competitor to Google is that the look and feel is great, but the results are poor. Mediahatch mentioned that it’s mediocre and the layout is confusing. I tend to agree with the majority that the layout is OK, but the search results don’t compare to Google.

What do you think of Cuil?


1 thought on “Is It Cuil Enough?

  1. I have found that the site does not have many of the major entries in place that would make it a ready for prime time player in getting up to speed with Yahoo or Google.

    Given the topics I was searching, I would expect that my results would have been on target and the engine was not ready with that information yet.

    Time will tell if it grows into a major player in the game.

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