Is Your Message Relevant To Your Audience?

27 Dec

Did you get the memo? call? email? voice-mail? text? tweet? Are you reaching your audience with your message? In this day and age, if you are not communicating on the right medium, you don't exist! In today's digital age, each gender, age and demographic category is listening to you through different devices and you need send your message on their channels.

In 2011, get a Twitter account and start sending the same marketing messages you are sending in email through social media. In the upcoming year, your company needs to get “mobile” and deliver content to the booming smartphone culture. The reality is that old news has truly hit the fan and in order to survive, you will need to take the technological jump. Do not wait any longer if you are not in the game, you will be be left on the sidelines. Social media is close to reaching it's plateau of saturation and believe it or not, the next greatest communication is heading our way. You are asking, well Marc, “What is the next big thing?” The reality is that the next big communication medium has yet to be released mainstream, but I guarantee it will be faster and more in your face.

What will 2011 mainstream technology require us to integrate into our lives? Will it be video threaded messages? traffic layering? QR codes? video-laced thought projection?

What technological force do you predict will hit mainstream culture like the iPad in 2011?

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