Job Search Engine? Indeed!

The other day I hosted a learning event over at the Cleveland Institute of Art entitled How to Improve Your Online Search Results. During the presentation led by Todd Packer, I realized how many different search engines really are out there. Thus, I started a list of search engines on Leading Hands.

A new one that a friend just forwarded me was Indeed, which is a search for you job seekers. There are two simple fields you are prompted to fill out on the homepage: “what” type of job you are looking for and “where” are you looking. The results seem to be organized in the typical list format (aka Google), with a big blue link at the top of each discovery with the description listed below it.

Do you like Indeed? Is it better than CareerBoard?

1 thought on “Job Search Engine? Indeed!

  1. The two job sites mentioned are different and I use both.

    Indeed is an aggregator, taking job postings from many sites, and putting them into one place. In that respect it is very easy to use and search jobs from many job sites at the same time.

    CareerBoard has historically focused on local job markets (Cleveland, Akron, et cetera).

    In my opinion, they are both good sites to use, but they serve different purposes. For example, with Indeed, one can find almost all the .NET jobs in the Cleveland area, but with CarrerBoard, one can find only the .NET jobs companies have paid to place on the site.

    Different, but both useful.

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