KGB, Get Questions Answered by Text

11 Jun

Have you noticed over the last few weeks more Internet companies are advertising on TV more than ever before? KGB is not exception. I guess the Cold War is really over because the KBG has landed in America. KGB’s commercials feature a Smart Car that crashes through walls and KGB agents get out to answer questions. Their ad is reminiscent of the old Kool-Aid Man commercials, however now the gigantic red pitcher is an agent behind the wheel with bad driving record.

So what is the KGB besides the Russian equivalency to the CIA?  The KGB in America is the Knowledge Bureau and for $.99 cents you can get questions answered via your cellphone.  All you do is text your question to the number 542542 and The Knowledge Bureau will answer it.

Do you think this service will take off? Would you use the service?

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