Indiegogo – The Undercover Backpack

28 Dec

How many of you readers support Indiegogo campaigns? If you’ve never heard of Indiegogo, it’s a platform for entrepreneurs to develop products and then ask for your support to create them. Once, they get enough funding they create the product and you are the first to receive it. I think there are many items on Indiegogo that stand out, but sometimes there are just ones that are quite functional. This week’s featured item from Indiegogo is called the Undercover Backpack. It’s an item that may help during an embarrassing moment in the gym while changing!

The site says, “The Undercover Backpack assists in that moment in the locker room when you need to change clothes with a flimsy towel or other embarrassing methods. It allows for easy, fast changing in or out of clothing. First, users slip it over clothing, then can use the side access openings to remove their pants. Then, other clothing can be put on beneath The Undercover.” What do you think? Is something you’d use? Please send us more Indiegogo/Kickstarter suggestions.

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