Laptop Security

21 Feb

More and more of us are trading in our desktops for laptops because they are inexpensive, portable and just more versatile. Everyone is working on them out in the open, which makes it that much easier for someone to it pickup and walk away with it. Stop your laptop from being stolen by protecting yourself with these simple tips.

1) Buy a lock.
There is a Universal Security Slot (USS) on the back of your computer that you can attach a cable and lock to it. Tie the cable around tie or a post. This is similar locking your bike up so the thief has to either cut it or unlock to take it.

2) Be aware of your surroundings.
Thieves work in pairs and create distractions behind you so they can take your computer in front of you.

3) Put your name on your laptop by engraving it, writing on the inside panel or hidden compartment with a permanent marker, or get asset tags from most print shops. These stickers aren’t that easy to remove.

4) Get a unique case, don’t use the standard case.
Try disguising your laptop in a backpack or another bag. Don’t use a bag with a big logo on it like Dell or HP.

5) Register your laptop and software.
If you register your computer and software online the moment you get it. If the thief one day attempts to upgrade it or get it serviced, you might get it back

Let us know if you have any other great tips to keep your laptop safe from thieves!

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