Mashup For You, Mashup For Me

13 Mar

What is a mashup? I define a mashup as combining unique items together to achieve something dramatically different that is overly unique. This act of synthesis is currently driving the innovation of today’s technology. Think about when chocolate met peanut butter to create Reese’s cup.

Google maps combined old MapQuest technology with Ajax to create innovative maps. Microsoft took the versatility of Flash and combined it with .net to create SliverLight. Thur-You layers single YouTube clips over each other to form new music tracks.

George Nemeth twittered Thru-You, a mash-up by Kutiman, that is so unique it will make your head spin. This artist took the time to listen to individual video clips of musicians, find similarities and then combine the clips to make new music. I can’t stop listening.

More posts from Leading Hands about mash-ups are coming.

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