26 Aug

A new way to find events in your city is at Metromix, a new conglomerate event website. Currently the website features unique content for: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Connecticut, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Hampton Roads, Honolulu, Jersey Shore,Lehigh Valley, Los Angeles, Louisville , Nashville, New York, Orlando, Rochester, South Florida, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Washington D.C. and the Twin Cities.

Metromix was at Cleveland Ingenuity Festival a few weeks ago touting their new website. The site features interviews with local celebrities, restaurant reviews and scenes from nightlife. I personally like their calendar featuring today’s events. The site is more than just information though, it seems to be pushing the envelope into social networking by encouraging visitors to participate in music and movie reviews.

If you are looking for places to go and people to see, then check out:

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