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27 Oct

Now available in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey, sign-up at to get digital coupons delivered to your mobile phone. In an effort to “go green”, this website is giving you the ability to flash your phone at your favorite establishment to get your discount.

At this time, the service is limited to three states, however I believe over time, the concept will catch on because it’s a great idea. Instead of clipping the coupon or printing it out, why not just digitally generate it on your phone? Most coupons these days have expiration codes built right into them, so it’s futile to think you can cheat the system.

What is featured at 8coupons?

  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Beauty and Spa
  • Services
  • Shopping

Find coupons galore to your favorite chain restaurants like Applebees, your favorite local sports bar or saving $2 bucks at your local barbershop. The possibilities for mobile coupons are endless and I hope the service comes to my neighborhood soon.

Sign up to start getting savings today.

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