Mogulus – Live Streaming TV in Beta

7 Feb

I was watching the morning crew on WKYC today and they encouraged the viewing audience to chat with them online. I logged on to the Channel 3 website, but I was more impressed with the opportunity to watch them live on the web through Mogulus.

Mogulus is watching live broadcast TV online. The website is in “beta”, but I was truly surprised that it’s teeming with a multitude of channels from around the world. After checking out WKYC for a second, I watched the Italian version of Big Brother, a U2 music channel and a Green Day concert. I also stumbled upon a swim meet from Iowa. I was also surprised you could also setup your own Mogulus channel and start webcasting live today.


  • Live, 24/7 On-Demand Video
  • Many Pre-recorded shows too
  • Multiple Channels of Music, Sports, News and More
  • Chat with others watching the show


  • Live in a single player
  • 100,000+ live viewers can watch at once
  • Embed on your website aka WKYC
  • Multiple camera shots

Get lost on all the “Live” broadcasts on Mogulus.

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