Monitor Websites with “Page 2 RSS”

17 Dec

Do you use RSS (really simple syndication) feeds ? If you aren’t already using RSS, you should check it out because it saves time. RSS is essentially a quick way to get¬†updates from websites without visiting them. Every time the site is updated you know. However the key is you need to sign-up for a website’s RSS feed and download a free RSS reader. To sign-up for RSS, look for the orange icon that looks live a sound wave. I recently got back on the RSS wagon and downloaded the Google Reader.

What do you do if the website doesn’t have an RSS feed? Now with Page 2 RSS, it monitors web sites that do not publish RSS feeds. It will check any web page for updates and deliver them to your favorite RSS aggregator.

Are you an RSS junkie? Can anyone offer any words of advice to any first time RSS people?

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