Monitor Your Sites Up Time

Last year Leading Hands introduced you to a web application where you can manually verify if your site is down; Down For Everyone Or Is It Just Me identifies if the connection is just bad on your end or bad for the rest of the world. Now a service called “Hows The” takes this concept to the next level by monitoring your site and sending you automated emails or text messages when it’s down.

I’ve tried “How’s The” out for a over a week now and the service has alerted me a few times across the multiple websites that I personally manage. This free is a perfect tool for small to large business owners who are curious how often their website is really down. Think about that moment your customer is ready to make a big purchase and your domain is down; you just lost a sale and you didn’t even know it. Why stay in the dark and think everything is just Jim Dandy?

Use “How’s The” and regularly monitor your website’s up time.

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