Movie Talk: Pink Panther

8 Mar

Last week Lindsay and I went to the theatre where she works part-time and saw “The Pink Panther”. I don’t know what I’m going to do she stops working there and we have to actually pay to go the movies. Maybe the Lord will lead me to another free hobby,or better yet, I’ll get my other daughter to work at a movie theater.

Anyway, I was not expecting too much from this new version of “The Pink Panther”. Like allot of folks I grew up with the original Peter Sellers version of the bumbling Inspector Clouseau, and I could never picture anyone else doing it better. After seeing the new movie I still feel that way, but Steve Martin does do a great job of building on Mr..Sellers legacy. Steve Martin is arguably the only guy on the planet that could fill the comedic shoes left by the late Peter Sellers. He copies the original character and manages to inject some of his own original style. He does a good job of resurrecting(it okay to say that?) a classic character but he can never make us forget the real deal. At the end of the day there is only one James Bond(Sean Connery),one Willy Wonka(Gene Wilder) and only one Inspector Clouseau(I miss you Pete) .

So how was the movie? It was funny. You have to like slapstick comedy to really enjoy it (Ann does not like this kind of humor). The story is somewhat atypical for a Pink Panther movie, but you don’t see this kind of movie for the story, you see it for the laughs. This film doesn’t t have a surplus of laughs , but it had just enough to keep Lindsay and I attentive and entertained. I should also mention that makers of this next generation Pink Panther did a good job of making this film a little more family friendly than its predecessors. The Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers panther films always had slight burlesque comedy undertones that would have definitely earned a PG-13 rating if they were released today.

The new film keeps those kind of jokes and sight gags to a minimum and well above the heads of children, so I think it is safe for the 12 and under set.

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