Net Nanny: Making the web safe

13 May

It’s only a matter of time. If your kids have not found their way to some questionable content online yet, they will…  Even when it is not sought directly, many times children and other novice web surfers will click on seemingly harmless links, only to end up downloading spyware, viruses, or just plain ol’ smut.

Tired of playing Internet traffic cop at home, I went looking for help—something in addition to common-sense best practices. I found This subscription-based service is an amazing addition to the parenting tool arsenal.

Here are just a few of its key features:

  • User-specific Profiles – I can customize permissions for each user in the family, allowing more or less control as needed.
  • Internet Filtering – There are over 30 categories to filter with multiple settings for each.
  • Social Network Activity Monitoring – Net Nanny will notify you when there is new activity on social networking accounts or when a new account is established.  Further, you can actually access that account to see their friends, photos, chats, etc.
  • Remote Monitoring – Log into the reporting module from anywhere.
  • Web Search Tracking – You may be surprised what your kids are searching!

Watch their 2 minute video for even more information:

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