Nonprofit of the Month – Computers Assisting People

Even during the pandemic, the volunteers of Computers Assisting People have continued to work to bridge the Digital Divide in Cleveland (every ward) and other needy areas (East Cleveland, etc.).  In fact, they have been busier than ever as they received numerous emergency requests from organizations, teachers, students, etc. who suddenly needed computers and software and devices at home because they could not go to work or school as usual.
They also worked with organizations to establish labs for the community such as the new Metro Hospital lab with 30 PCs running Microsoft Office that near Westside residents can access. It’s not surprising.  CAP volunteers have been doing things like this for about 25 years and have donated over 25,000 computers (and countless printers, routers, scanners, etc.) and uncountable training/troubleshooting/set-up volunteer hours to over 550 schools and non-profit organizations in Cleveland.
You have lots of choices on this give but consider supporting CAP and their volunteers to keep the mission going.
Visit the website at   http://www.capinc.org/

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