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14 Sep

An esteemed college professor asked me the other day if I knew of any online plagiarism tools. In the past, I have used and, but I was determined to find a good list of tools for him. Below is a quick review of the plagiarism tools I found on Yahoo Answers.

There is no download and it is completely free but you will have to sign it to use it. I tried it out and it works perfectly.
***Updated 12/16/17: Plagiarism Detect is no longer working, however you can try:

#2 is another free plagiarism checker. I found this on Youtube. It scans for plagiarism by comparing documents to to the web and their own database. Also, it lets you upload documents and paste text. I””’ve been using it for a few months. I like it.

#3 is a free plagiarism checker. Now, you can check any written article to see whether it has similarity with any other pages on the internet. To use this feature, you have to type *** (3 stars) and then paste The Document in the AAfter’s search box. The search result shows the links to WebPages, if any, that contains similar text as that of the document.

Do you have any plagiarism tools to add?

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