How to Plan a Calm,Tech-Free Date

20 Apr

If you are like me, when you head out for a night on the town, you plan to spend quality time with your significant other. However with all of today’s modern gadgets, they are becoming distractions so it is difficult to stay focused. Here are some tips so you can plan a balanced tech-free evening out.

  1. Find a quiet place to dine – When planning a dinner or lunch, try finding a place that doesn’t have all those TV sets constantly running. If you are like me, it’s very easy for your eyes to wander off to the latest sports highlights or scrolling headlines. If you must go to place that has TVs, request an area where your view is obstructed. I noticed that Starbucks doesn’t have any TVs, go there at least for some coffee.
  2. Silence your phone – In this day and age, every moment a text message or call is made and it can be very overwhelming to keep getting messages every to seconds. Don’t be like Pavlov’s Dogs and flinch every time your phone vibrates.
  3. Set a unique tone for important calls – Many mobile phones give you the ability to setup a unique ringtone just for certain numbers. Thus, if you need your child to contact you in an emergency, the opportunity is there.
  4. Remove your BlueTooth – This may seem ridiculous that this is a bullet point, but more and more times I see couples out and someone has the headset on in a restaurant. Leave your BlueTooth in the car!
  5. Turn on your out-of-the-office assistant – Setup an email auto responder so if you are out on the weekend and someone is trying to send you an important message, they will know you are out. If it’s an emergency, they most likely will know how to get a hold of you another way.
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