Podcast Revolution Continues

Remember podcasts? Almost 9 years ago, Leading Hands posted an article about how podcasts were the next big thing. For a few years, podcasts fell off popular culture radar but recently they have re-surged because of becoming a source of breaking news. It seems that almost every celebrity has their own podcast; another reason they have gained popularity is that it gives fans another way to hear interviews and discussions in a longer format. Whether you want politics, sports, comedy, history or fitness talk, podcasts have what you are looking for!

Below is a random list of audio shows you can stream/download during your long commute to work or when you have downtime. What’s your favorite?

  • The Adam Carolla Show
  • The Art of Charm
  • Pardon My Take
  • The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed!
  • The Dan Patrick Show
  • The Rich Eisen Show
  • The Big Podcast With Shaq
  • Chive Podcast
  • LadyGang
  • Talk Is Jericho,
  • Penn Jillette’s Sunday School
  • Mohr Stories with Jay Mohr
  • Brandi Glanville Unfiltered
  • The Eddie Trunk Podcast
  • Adam and Dr. Drew Show
  • The Nerdist

You can subscribe to podcasts on mainstream mediums like iTunes and PodcastOne.


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