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A friend of mine is heavy into the politic scene. Recently he developed a great online system that gets helps local politicians organize their propaganda machine. Believe it or not, the American political world is really just starting to grasp the power of the Internet. The presidential election last year really exploited the power of the Internet with the Dan Rather Blog Incident and the FactCheck.com error that Dick Cheney muttered. These errors could cost a politician thousands of votes or earn a politician thousands of votes.

Now The Institute for Politics Democracy & The Internet is having an event called “How Mobile Technology Empowers Just-In-Time Politics” on September 13, 2005. The event will focus on a comprehensive showcase of innovative mobile technologies that will change the American political landscape. The height of the event will be the release of the book “The Politics to Go Handbook: A Guide to Using Mobile Technology in Politics.” Cell phones, Black Berries, PSPs and Handheld computers are changing the world we live in because they are so portable yet so powerful. Imagine the ads a politician could target on your phone. Imagine the ability you will have to get informed on all the issues. Could the ability to vote on your phone be not that far off? Can we say hanging chads in Florida?


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