8 Feb

I was listening to national public radio recently and they mentioned an incredible website, The Internet has been a springboard for innovations that break-through the traditional means of doing something. In the past, you would do your banking by standing in a long line, but then online banking arrived and you could do it from the comfort of your home. Now, you can get a loan online, not with the backing of bank capital, but with other people’s money. This is the concept behind, the act of using other people’s cash to help those who traditionally would be passed up by loans.

You can borrow money or lend money online with the help of others. When you borrow money from other people, you can set your own interest rate. When you lend money, you can earn a terrific interest while supporting people you can trust. If you don’t want to do it alone, you can start a group and earn money by inviting borrowers to your network. There has been talk that a small percentage of its members are behind on their payments, but Prosper stresses that it has a strong collection agency.

You’ve suffered bankruptcy, divorce and your credit history has taken a hit. You’re a trustworthy person but no bank will give you a chance.

You’re in luck with

Would you loan or borrow money from this website?

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