Ready for IE 7?

Right now about 80% of the world uses Internet Explorer (IE) as there web browser of choice, however since the last release of IE many surfers have switched over to the Mozilla browser. “What’s Mozilla,” you say? If you haven’t tried the free Firefox family of browsers, we highly recommend that you do. This is not only because it is easy to use, it also has higher security standards than IE. WC3 schools reports that over 11% of internet users are using Mozilla. However Microsoft wants to change all that browser noise with the release of IE7; Bill Gates is playing catch-up hoping to diminish those numbers and bring more surfers back to their brand.

Changes to IE:
1) Tabbed browsing
2) RSS feed browsing
3) Anti-phishing capabilities – identify suspect sites
This SSL security report feature will flag ostensibly secure websites that have suspect security levels.
4) Limited rights mode
5) Changed interface – Stop/Refresh button is now at right of address bar

Open Issues:
1) Lacks ability to save a group of tabs as a favorite
2) Doesn’t comply with many Web Standards

With this new release, which at this time is to be announced, will bring IE use right back up to where it was in the past. You will be using this edition of the infamous Microsoft browser and “lovin it”!

IE7 Beta is now available for download.

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