Rise of Online Rentals Sign of Culture Change

The other day as I drove by the local Blockbuster and I saw the store was closing. In my opinion, this signifies a tremendous culture change, the end of local movie rental chains. Not only are more and more people are using the Internet to rent films (Netflix and Blockbuster Online), but Hulu, YouTube and other online outlets are giving movie enthusiasts other venues to watch them. Also the increase of DVRs (Tivo) and On Demand are contributing to deep saturation. Finally online applications like Netflix give consumers the ability to easily search, sort and classify their movies, not only from a category perspective but from chronological perspective.

Personally I rent most of my movies from the RedBox which I also contribute to the decline of big stores like Blockbuster. If they are charging $6.00 for a rental and I can get the same film from a self-service vending machine for a $1.00, there is no contest.

Do you think all video stores will close in the next couple of years?

3 thoughts on “Rise of Online Rentals Sign of Culture Change

  1. While I agree somewhat, pretty much everyone I know that used to rent from Blockbuster or other brick and morters are now hitting the RedBox instead, can’t go wrong for a $1.00

  2. Yes, RedBox has revolutionized the video rental industry. What I don’t understand is if Blockbuster started renting videos online like Netflix, why don’t they start video vending machines like RedBox?

  3. I just saw the local Family Video chain offering $1 new releases. They originally offered $1 for five nights, but when I went in to get a rental they reduced it to only 24 hours. I guess some local companies are trying to compete with Redbox.

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