Roving ATMs?

30 Jul

Last year, a friend of mine was a victim of credit card fraud at the gas pump. Their card got duped by a pseudo reader. The thieves in this instance created a reader that retrofitted over the top of the actual reader. When the credit card slid through, they got the credit card number.

I was talking with Mark Reichard the other day and he mentioned another identify theft story that made me think twice. Now there is growing trend by troubled minds to create dummy ATM machines. These machines are generally placed in malls sitting out in the open. You walk up, insert your ATM card and enter your PIN. The screen then reads “Temporarily out of Service”. You then walk away and try another machine. After a few hours of collecting account numbers and pins, the machine is rolled away.

If you think this scenario happened to you, go up to customer service and ask about the suspicious machine. If you get a reaction that a machine doesn’t exist in that location of the mall, then proceed to cancel that card.

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