Save Money By Supporting Your Local Restaurants

I was talking with my brother and his wife the other night about getting out and discovering the city. There are many resources right at your fingertips and with a little bit of cash, you can actually go a long way. How you may ask? Have you discovered your local independent restaurant gift certificate auction?

If you live in Birmingham, Cleveland, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Kansas City, Louisville, Madison, Mt. Washington, Valley, NH, Naples, Nashville, Sarasota, Manatee or Tucson you can take advantage of half-off gift certificates. You can purchase $50 gift certificates for $35 and $25 gift certificates for $15 dollars. The auctions occur at announced times through the year and the best way to stay in the loop is to sign-up for their newsletter.

Note: In Cleveland, the collective of local eateries is called the Cleveland Independents and they use Eat Like A Local network to process the transaction, however I didn’t see it listed on Eat Like A Local’s homepage.

I’ve used this service and love it, have you?


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