Save Money on Groceries

As the economy continues to slide, everyone is looking for ways to save a few bucks. I heard about this website called Grocery Game that matches your coupons to store with the lowest price. The reason it’s called a “game” because the system keeps track of the lowest prices in your area and tells you when to make the sale.

There website says, “For example, just because an item is on sale doesn’t mean its time to play your coupon. Our databases track the sales history on nearly every item in the supermarket, waiting to use a coupon on rock-bottom sales. Now, the best possible savings are quickly accessible to busy professionals, overworked moms, single adults or anyone who wants to cut their grocery bill by 50% or even more.”

How much does it cost?
A monthly trial of their services costs $1 and you do have to spend a second registering on their website. After that it’s $10 every eight weeks for one store.


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