Scrivener Is Creative Writing

5 May

Mac users are looking for a creative ingredient to spark your writing? If so, then you need to discover the program called Scrivener. The writing program is ergonomically centered around the way the modern multitasker thinks.

Scrivener lets you jot down thoughts on documents that resemble post-it notes. You can view them individually or all at once as if you pinned them up on a cork board. I traditionally write bits of information down as I go and then elaborate later, this program gives me the latitude to do so. Another outstanding feature of Scrivener is the ability to merge documents together by individually selecting each note. You can export your document as a word doc, pdf, or a multitude of formats.

The program has a 30 trial so you can always give Scrivener a test drive.

Special thanks to Stephen Herron for the recommendation on the program.

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