Social Media Security Plan

25 Sep

Is your company or organization looking to get involved in Social Media? If so, then you need to develop a solid social media plan. In my mind, staying secure in is the key to successful strategy. Below are key points you need to know to build a thriving social network for you business.

1. Immediate Threats – document what is the worst case scenario and how to respond to it
2. Marketing Benefits – what are the goals and how can you make $
3. The Devil You Know – establish what users/topics will be taboo
4. Social Media Policy – all folks who participate need agree to the rules
5. Training Is Key – teach all social media users how to use it
6. Set Limits – how many tweets will you make in a day?
7. Educate IT Staff – often seen as a security nightmare, get tech on same page
8. Keep Computers Secure – Confirm anti-virus and malware software installed
9. Privacy Practices – what not to say and what not to do
10. Open Communication – at all times all team members need to be collaborating

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