Sparktooth is Digging for Terms

11 Sep

You’ve heard of Google Alerts? If not, Google has a free service in which you plug-in key terms like “tech” or “van halen” and when those terms are found in news items, you’ll get a notification.  Sparktooh is similar, however while Google scours the net, this free service lets you search a specific website for specific keyword(s). Unlike Google Alerts that continually searches for those terms, Sparktooth searches the site every ten minutes and once the term is found, it’s done.


  • Checks a specific website for key phrase every 10 minutes
  • One-time search and email address removed from system
  • Notified by email
  • Information is not shared

The only drawback to Sparktooth is that the entire domain is not searched – only the URL is crawled.  Thus the results may only be satsifactory.

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